Hack, crack and no-survey NBA coins

Everyday a lot of people are looking for a NBA coins, MT, VC hack, crack or generator. On this page we will explain why they do not work. You may have encountered websites that make you believe that you can get free NBA 2K18, NBA Live 18 or NBA Live Mobile coins. You just have to fill in your username, player name or any other details. After you click on generate or try to download the hack, nothing happens. The only thing that will happen is a virus, pop-up, advertisement or a survey. You will never get your coins. Below we will try to explain the methods used.


According to the website you will have to download a hack. It is most of the time a .zip, .rar or .exe file. If you try to open it, you will have multiple viruses, Trojans or other nasty software on your computer. Some people even encountered a keylogger while opening a hack for free NBA2K coins. Others had their computer completely frozen by nasty software while trying to get free NBA Live 18 coins. These methods do not work. Never. Ever.


This is the same method as described above. You will have to download some software that contains things you do not want on your computer. Some other websites say they will crack the game for you if you enter your account info, including password. This will result in tears and failure. Do not try this one.

Generator for NBA coins

You enter your info, the player you want to sell or your account name. After it you click on generate. A lot of numbers will appear on the screen. Things like generating coins success, getting info success, validating player account success. The last one is an error. There is a human verification needed. You will have to complete a survey that requires you to pay money, leave your email or getting spam on your mobile phone. You will never get your coins. A generator for NBA coins will never work.

No-Survey websites

No-survey websites all use the methods mentioned above. Do not try it.

Free coins?

Yes, you can get free NBA 2K18, NBA 2K17, NBA Live Mobile, NBA Live 18 coins by playing the game and grinding. One other possibility is just buy cheap NBA coins at Aoeah or MMOGA. For just a few dollars you will have a lot of coins, VC or MT. Try it.

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