NBA Live 20 coins (EA)

Usually if people wanted to play a basketball game, they played a NBA 2k series. EA wanted a piece of that lucrative pie too. They have created the awesome and realistic NBA Live series. The newest installment is NBA Live 18. You can get cheap NBA Live 20 coins for PS4, and Xbox One. You can also buy NBA Live Mobile coins for the newest installment of the 2017/2018 version.

NBA Live 20

NBA LIVE 18 features new gameplay and modes, including THE ONE, a dynamic career experience that challenges you to make a name for yourself in THE LEAGUE and on THE STREETS. It is released by the large company Electronic Sports on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can play it offline, solo and offline and online multiplayer. A fun game indeed.

Buying NBA Live 20 coins

You can buy coins for PS4 and XB1. The step-by-step how to buy coins for NBA Live 18 is almost the same for both consoles.

  1. Go to Aoeah or MMOGA
  2. Click in the menu or sidebar on the game you want coins for. For this example we bought coins for NBA Live 20 PlayStation 4
  3. Click on the console or platform you want the coins for
  4. Select the right amount of coins
  5. Fill in the correct information, check extra for spelling errors.
  6. Put a player in the auction market
  7. Set the right starting and buy now price
  8. Pay the website
  9. Enjoy your millions of NBA Live 20 coins!

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