When you have cheap NBA Live players (bronze, silver or low rated golden) you probably can’t do all the moves right. Most of the players can execute all the moves, but they won’t do it as good as the elite players. We always recommend to get a 90+ rated team to make sure you can fully execute all the moves in the game. You can get cheap NBA Live coins at MMOGA for less than 1 euro per million. Now that’s a bargain! Below you can find all the moves you can do with the players in the game. We recommend that you try them all out, because they can really help to boost your winrate a lot. If you have any problem with a move, you can leave a message below. We will help you to be an expert at all the moves if needed!

The spin move

Spinning is one of the moves we use the most to get through the opponent defences. You’ve got to time this move like an expert to pass the defender, but the game allows you to spam this move a bit without any consequences. You have to tap the “drive”-button while moving. Make sure there is a defender moving to your player. You can spin around the player to score or to make that perfect assist if you’d like.

Spin and lay-up

Some challenges require you to make a lay-up. The easiest way to execute this move is to do a spin first. You double tap the “drive”-button to spin and follow it by the shoot button. Your player will now attempt a spin-lay-up if you are close enough. Make sure you try this after the first spin. Sometimes after multiple spins the player just shoots.

Behind the back move

This one is pretty hard to execute correctly and has not that much use in the game. It looks pretty cool however and makes the game less boring. If you move up to court towards the other half, you can change directions with the movepad quickly. Your player will now execute a behind the back move.


The hesitation move is a really useful one to misdirect the defenders of the opposing team. Your player will make it look like he is going to drive, but he does Performing this is easy. You can press the drive button once while standing still. Your player can dribble if he wants.

Post spinner

Back your defender down, and double tap “Drive” and immediately swipe up for a post spin dunk/layup move. An easy move that you do not want to overuse with the attacker.

Difficult hookshot

Sometimes your position is not ideal to shoot because of an difficult angle. You can use the hookshot with your PF or C. You can do this one with the other players as well, but it does have a higher probability to score if you perform this one with the PF or C. Stand with the back to the basket and press the shoot button to execute.

Post up & Under

When we were little, we always wanted to perform this move. We like to misdirect the opponent I guess. Tap the shoot button once to tart the fake hook. After the animation is done, press shoot again to perform a post up and under.

Fade-away NBA Live mobile move

Start with some space, then dribble towards the baseline and press “Shoot” to perform a fade-away. The side-line can work as well however the shot will have low percentage. Useful shot at the buzzer.


You have probably figured this one out already, but if you want to steal the ball from the attacking team, you can press the guard-button. The game lets you spam this button with almost no consequences. Only if you doubleteam the attacker you might be fouled.

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