In our previous blog we explained why playing NBA on your mobile is the best thing to get hooked on the EA sports NBA game. It’s a free game and even if you haven’t play this game before, you will be guided step by step to learn how to play the game. We have told you how you can download the game on your mobile. We also told you about the first steps you’ll have to do while playing the game. In this blog you’ll learn more about the following steps.

I need more help

You can find the guide at the settings in the left menu. After you have played the first tutorial, you can choose to train to earn items and a golden player from the tutorial-set. You also can try one on one, seasons and live events. We choose to train and earn some items and a golden player.

Training to earn items and a golden player

You’ll have to upgrade the Brooklyn Boss to an higher score. Every week there is a new boss to conquer. Once you choose to conquer the Boss, you’ll get one Summer Cred-item. If you complete 15 challenges, you’ll receive 1 Cornupocia-package. This package contains 1 elite player and 4 golden or better players with a chance to get 1 programplayer.

Tutorial event: rules of the game

First you’ll learn how to pass the ball to earn an item for passes. You’ll have to pass the ball three times to complete this tutorial. With everything you do in the tutorials, you’ll earn extra’s for the start of NBA season 2017-2018 in October. You can watch your scores in the app. The second tutorial is using special abilities.

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