Do you love to watch the NBA games, but haven’t you got the time till now to play NBA EA sports? Or do you play EA sports NBA and do you want to play the game with your girlfriend, boyfriend or friends who don’t play NBA? Well, there is a way to make them enthusiastic about the EA sports NBA game! You can let them download a free NBA live version on their mobile phone. We will tell you more about this app and how to begin.

Download the app

It is super easy to install the NBA app. We will tell you how to download the game on android. First you’ll have to open google play and search for NBA. Then you only have to click download. They will ask you for your age. They will ask you also if you want to make an account with Facebook or an other way. But you can also click on creating an account as a guest player. We clicked on that button because we wanted to play the game fast. We were very curious.

Start to play

Once you have downloaded the game you are able to play directly. First, you’ll have to choose a team and you can choose between four teams. Then you can play immediately. First the app will learn you how to move, sprint, throw the ball and dunk. It’s not that hard and creates many moments of success. Once you completed the tutorial, you can do that in just a few minutes, you can choose to play it again or to go further. We wanted to play it again  but we were curious about the next step.

Second step

The second step is to visit the shop, open your packet and upgrade your team. In the shop you will see a welcome packet. You can “buy” this for free. It has a welcome tutorial, items and players to create a better team. You only have to click on update your team.

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