Sell NBA coins

Most of the players of NBA games want to buy cheap NBA2k MT or NBA Live mobile coins. Some of them want to sell their coins. Maybe you have played a lot and got too much coins or maybe you just want to earn some real life money from gaming. You can sell your coins currently for NBA2K18, NBA2K17 and NBA Live 18. On this page we will provide a guide of how to sell your coins and get some money.

How to sell my NBA 2K18, NBA 2K17 or NBA Live 18 (EA) coins?

If you ever bought coins for games that uses player auction, you know the method that the seller will use when buying your coins. If you are not familiar with it, you can check the guide below. We will tell you exactly how to sell your hard earned NBA coins in no-time.

  1. Go to Aoeah, the only seller and buyer that buys NBA coins at the moment. Some others do, but they did not provide us the service we need.
  2. Click on the Sell-To-Us menu
  3. Select the game you want to sell coins for
  4. Fill in the amount of coins. Remember, they use K. So 1000 coins are 1K, 10.000 coins are 10K, etcetera.
  5. Select your server, platform or console
  6. Fill in the rest of your details
  7. Fill in the code:


    in the refferer form to get a better deal.

  8. Wait for some time while they prepare you an offer through Skype, Discord or mail
  9. Accept or decline the offer
  10. Sell through NBA Player Auction
  11. Get your money

Will I get rich? What prices do I get?

No, you will not be filthy rich by selling your coins. The prices you will see on the website for NBA coins (all games and versions) are the selling prices. You do not get that price from them. They are the seller, so they need to make some profit too. We negotiated with them for some good deals on our coins. Maybe you can do the same.

Sell NBA coin

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